Boilers & Hydronic Heating

IBC – Better Boilers

No matter what your application or what you need, IBC boilers have you covered. With supply and return connections on both sides, installation has never been easier. With its new touch V-10 control, navigating through the options will be a breeze. With a 95% AFUE, your money is not going up the chimney. These boilers are smart and don’t consume any more gas than they have to which saves on your gas bill.. A stainless steel heat exchanger ensures a good life expectancy of your investment. Get the most out of your IBC boiler with multiple heating applications and hot domestic water. No need for external wiring controls, have up to 4 zones wired right on the boiler electrical board. With a stainless cover, they look pretty darn good too! Our custom heating systems are unparalleled and top quality.